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Set 1: Bounce House, 8ft Table & 8 Comfy Chairs, Kids Table with Chairs


200 $

This comprehensive set is designed to provide a complete solution for any event, ensuring both children and adults have a great time.

Set Includes:

Bounce House: A vibrant and safe bounce house that promises endless fun for children.
8ft Table with 8 Comfy Chairs: Perfect for guests, providing sturdy and comfortable seating.
Kids’ Table with Chairs: Specially designed for children, ideal for their activities and meals.

Bounce House: Ensures safe and exciting entertainment for kids, keeping them engaged for hours.
Comfortable Seating: The 8ft table and chairs set offers ample space and comfort for adult guests.
Kids’ Activity Area: The kids’ table with chairs is perfect for little ones to enjoy activities, snacks, and crafts.

This set is perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, backyard parties, and more, providing everything you need to create a fun and enjoyable environment for all your guests.


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